It is important to note these few things: 

Keiki Kuku is machine washable, but like your grandmothers quilt, consideration should be used. Spot clean when appropriate. A larger wash bin prevents crumpling. Never use bleach to prevent color changes. Gentle dryer is OK. 

We can not accept returns. If you are unsure of sizing, construction, color, or have other concerns please contact us first to resolve any issues. We will be happy to accommodate you.  

Some Keiki Kuku's have buttons. Our buttons are selected for their size and aesthetics. They are very securely placed using upholstery thread. Although the buttons are on the back of the futon, for safety precautions; never leave a baby unattended. Even if buttons are not involved. 

Interested in custom orders? Have a special request or special fabric in mind? Lets talk! We want you to love your keiki kuku as much as we do!